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Ohira Daiko Thunder God Set (w/ Yagura Stand)

Get Dream Ohira Daiko and Feel Powerful Vibration

Big hirado daiko is called ohira daiko. You can get an odaiko that you dreamed of, without sacrificing the space in your studio! You get the same satisfaction of playing a standard odaiko although this is a hirado daiko. You can feel the powerful vibration and energy of the taiko up close. Ohira daiko thunder god is about 5cm thinner than your average ohira daiko, and the stand is made slightly bigger to match the size of the drum. Enjoy the grand look of this special sized drum as well as the deep and dynamic sound it produces. It is made of katsura, which is hard and durable wood. Feel high-quality vibration and sound. 

  • Contents: Ohira Daiko Thunder God + Yagura Stand
  • Powerful Sound & Vibration
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Compact
  • Made of Katsura Wood (Cercidiphyllum)
  • Hard & Durable Wood
  • Makes Deep and High Quality Sound
  • Body Type: Shusei (Stave Shell)
  • Product Image: 3 shaku Ohira Daiko & 175cm Tall Man
  • Order Processing Time: About 60-90 Business Days


  • 2.5 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 75cm (⌀About 30in)
  • 3 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 90cm (⌀About 35in) / Body Height: About 60cm (About 24in)
  • 3.3 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 99cm (⌀About 39in) / Total Height with Yagura Stand: About 225cm (About 90in)
  • 3.5 shaku: Head Diameter: ⌀About 105cm (⌀About 41in)

Color of Stand

  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Black

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