Oke Soft Carrying Case

Carrying Case For Okedo Daiko

This soft carrying case is used to carry okedo daiko and katsugi oke daiko in safe. They are a perfect protection for your okedo daiko, featuring sturdy hardware, durable nylon exterior, a useful shoulder strap and a large side pocket for bachi and accessories. Katsugi oke daiko is light, so it is often carried by player with case. There are 1.4 shaku, 1.5 shaku, and 1.6 shaku in size.

Material: Nylon
Size: 1.4 shaku Inner Head Diameter: About 44cm (About 17in)
Height: About 52cm (About 20in)
Weight: About 1.2kg (About 3lb)
Size: 1.5 shaku Inner Head Diameter: About 47cm (About 19in)
Height: About 54cm (About 21in)
Weight: About 1.4kg (About 3lb)
Size: 1.6 shaku Inner Head Diameter: About 50cm (About 20in)
Height: About 59cm (About 23in)
Weight: About 1.5kg (About 3lb)
Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days


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