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Satsuma Biwa

Powerful Samurai Warriors' Biwa

Satsuma biwa is a type of biwa. As well as chikuzen biwa, it has mousou biwa as its origin. Satsuma mousou biwa was played in Satsuma area (present Kagoshima prefecture). Satsuma biwa players use big plectrum to play. Since Muromachi period, samurai warriors practice satsuma biwa as well as martial arts. Singing often comes with playing. The popular songs are often related to historical battle. It was played as performing arts rather than religious activity in earlier era than chikuzen biwa was. Recently, the technique of shamisen is applied. It is often played like percussion.

Material (Pick Guard): Kuwa (Morus)
Material (Other Parts): Various Hard Wood
Order Processing Time: About 60-90 Business Days


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