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Shime Bamboo Body

Replacement Drum Shell for Shime Daiko

  • Replacement Drum Shell for Shime Daiko
  • Made of Take (Bamboo)
  • Produces High-pitch and Sharp Sound
  • Body Type: Shusei (Stave Shell)
  • Order Processing Time: About 30-60 Business Days


  • Size: 5 sun (For Namitsuke): Height: About 15cm (About 6in) / Diameter: About 25cm (⌀About 10in)
  • Size: 6 sun (For 2 cho-gake): Height: About 18cm (About 7in) / Diameter: ⌀About 25cm (⌀About 10in)
  • Size: 7 sun (For 3 cho-gake): Height: About 21cm (About 8in) / Diameter: ⌀About 25cm (⌀About 10in)

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Is the bamboo shime dou available in the natural bamboo color?

    Natural bamboo color (clear) is added.
    Thank you!