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Shime Head

Replacement Head for Shime Daiko

  • Replacement Skin for Shime Daiko
  • Size: Namitsuke to 3 cho-gake
  • Made of Genuine Cowhide
  • 10 Holes
  • Check Inner Diameter, Diameter of Hole, and Hole Spacing in Advance
  • Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days


  • For Namitsuke: Thickness: 1.3cm (About 0.5in) / Outer Diameter (A): 35.5cm (⌀About 4in) / Inner Diameter (B): 27.5cm (⌀About 1in) / Diameter of Hole: 1.3cm (⌀About .51in) / Hole Spacing (C): 8.5cm (About .3in) / Weight: About 0.7kg (About 2lb)
  • For 2 cho-gake: Thickness: About 1.5cm (About 0.6in) / Outer Diameter (A): ⌀36.5cm (⌀About 4in) / Inner Diameter (B): 27.5cm (⌀About 11in) / Diameter of Hole: 1.7cm (⌀About .7in) / Hole Spacing (C): 8cm (About .1in) / Weight: About 1.3kg (About 3lb)
  • Size: For 3 cho-gake: Thickness: About 2.2cm (About 0.9in) / Outer Diameter (A): ⌀37cm (⌀About 14.5in) / Inner Diameter (B): 26cm (⌀About 0.2in) / Diameter of Hole: 1.7cm (⌀About 0.7in) / Hole Spacing (C): 8cm (About 3.1in) / Weight: About 2.6kg (About 6lb)

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