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Shime Head

Replacement Head For Shime Daiko

A replacement skin for shime daiko. If your kawa (skin) of shime daiko becomes bad or is broken, exchange with new one. The size ranges from namitsuke to 3 cho-gake. It is made of cowhide and has 10 holes. Please confirm that this suits your shime daiko's dou (body) and kawa (skin) before you order, especially, check the inner diameter, diameter of hole, and hole spacing.

Material: Genuine Cowhide
Size: For Namitsuke Shime Daiko Thickness: 1.3cm (About 0.5in)
Outer Diameter (A): 35.5cm (About 14in)
Inner Diameter (B): 27.5cm (About 11in)
Diameter of Hole: 1.3cm (About 0.51in)
Number of Hole: 10
Hole Spacing (C): 8.5cm (About 3.3in)
Weight: About 0.7kg (About 2lb)
Size: For 2 cho-gake Shime Daiko Thickness: About 1.5cm (About 0.6in)
Outer Diameter (A): 36.5cm (About 14in)
Inner Diameter (B): 27.5cm (About 11in)
Diameter of Hole : 1.7cm (About 0.7in)
Number of Hole: 10
Hole Spacing (C): 8cm (About 3.1in)
Weight: About 1.3kg (About 3lb)
Size: For 3 cho-gake Shime Daiko Thickness: About 2.2cm (About 0.9in)
Outer Diameter (A): 37cm (About 14.5in)
Inner Diameter (B): 26cm (About 10.2in)
Diameter of Hole: 1.7cm (About 0.7in)
Number of Hole: 10
Hole Spacing (C): 8cm (About 3.1in)
Weight: About 2.6kg (About 6lb)
Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days



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