Shinobue Maruyama Tenchimaki

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Traditional Popular Shinobue Crafted in Kyoto, Japan

Shinoube Maruyama is shinobue crafted by Shinryu Matano. Shinryu Matano (first generation) started his flute making business in 1791. Maruyama's flute making technique is handed down generation after generation through about 220 years (now, fifth generation). It is used in many Japanese festivals such as Jidai Matsuri festival in Kyoto. It has high reputation among many shinoube players because of not only its excellent sounds but beautiful urushi painting. Maruyama's shinobue making technique is handed down through about 220 years. 1: Cut down two to four years old shinodake bamboo. 2: Remove bamboo's oil and dry it in the sun. 3: correct bent of bamboo and cut it appropriate length. 4: dry it in a room for a couple years. Adding to this traditional shinobue making method, Maruyama tunes shinobue by his original tuning method. Tuning method varies according to each shinobue craftsman an it is a secret (what makes difference of shinobue is this original tuning method).

See Maruyama's shinobue. Beautiful urushi painting color is one of the features of Maruyama's shinobue. This gorgeous urushi painting attracts not only audiences but you, a shinobue player. Urushi lacquer dries by humidity. Blowing shinobue with urushi coating, urushi lacquer will soak into shinobue. It helps shinobue to become hard and produce the original sounds from the inside of tube.

Urushi Type: Hon Urushi
Key: 1 hon choshi (F)
2 hon choshi (G flat)
3 hon choshi (G)
4 hon choshi (A flat)
5 hon choshi (A)
6 hon choshi (B flat)
7 hon choshi (B)
8 hon choshi (C)
9 hon choshi (D flat)
10 hon choshi (D)
11 hon choshi (E flat)
12 hon choshi (E)
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