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Shinobue Shinonome Tou Ryomaki

Beautiful Sound High Quality Shinobue

  • Uta Type
  • High Quality Shinobue Crafted by Artisan
  • Air Dry for 2 Years
  • Artificial Urushi Finish Inside
  • Beautiful Tou (Rattan) Binding
  • Make High Quality Sounds Easily
  • Long History and Experience of Shinobue Making
  • Enjoy Playing with Other Musical Instruments Like Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi
  • Contents: Shinobue
  • Key: 3 hon choshi (G) / 4 hon choshi (A flat) / 5 hon choshi (A) / 6 hon choshi (B flat) / 7 hon choshi (B) / 8 hon choshi (C)
  • Order Processing Time: About 30-90 Business Days

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • This Uta style can play well with both Japanese and Western music?

    Yes. Uta style is tuned. It might not be precise but the scale is close to the western music. To play the western music, #8 hon choshi is recommended because it's tuned in C.