Shinobue Takegokoro

Taiko Center Original Shinobue Crafted By Fue Artisan

Shinobue takegokoro is taiko center original shinobue with reasonable price and good quality. Compared to our shinobue furyu, it is easier to play and produces more beautiful sounds. It produces the natural sounds of bamboo shinobue. Sudake type doesn't have any bindings. It is more fragile than shinobue with tenchimaki type but sounds produced are more natural and clear. Tenchimaki has rattan bindings on the both ends. Shinobue with rattan binding is hard to break.

Contents: Shinobue
Soft Case (Option)
Key: 6 hon choshi: B Flat
7 hon choshi: B
8 hon choshi: C
Length: 7 hon choshi: 43.5cm (About 17in)
8 hon choshi: 41cm (About 16in)
Order Processing Time: About 30-60 Business Days


Making of Takegokoro

Making Shinobue

Cut Shinodake Bamboo

Straight Shinobue by Heat

Cut Edge of Shinobue

Making Hole of Shinobue Bamboo

Making Smooth around Holes of Shinodake Bamboo

Making Smooth Inside Shinobue

Tuning Shinobue

Draw the Number (Key)

Turning Binding on Shinobue

Stamp on Shinobue

Finished Shinobue


Ask a Question
  • Is it tuned to western scale?

    It is not strictly tuned to western scale but tuned in close pitch.

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