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Shishida Chikkei Ryomaki

Shinobue Played For Japanese Festival

This shinobue is ohayashi (hayashi) type. Ohayashi shinobue is not tuned for the western music and used for festivals. Ryomaki means that it has binding on the both ends.

Soft case is sold separately.

Contents: Shinobue
Material: Bamboo
Color: Red
Number of Finger Holes: 6 or 7
Key: 1 hon choshi (F)
2 hon choshi (G flat)
3 hon choshi (G)
4 hon choshi (A flat)
5 hon choshi (A)
6 hon choshi (B flat)
7 hon choshi (B)
8 hon choshi (C)
9 hon choshi (D flat)
10 hon choshi (D)
11 hon choshi (E flat)
12 hon choshi (E)
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