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Shisui no Minyobue

Fue Tuned in Western Scale For Performance With Western Music And Folk Songs

This shinobue is made by shisui (a brand of shinobue) and called shisui no minyobue, which means shisui's folk song flute. This can be used for various music like Japanese music and modern music. Ryomaki means that it has binding on the both ends. Hanshige means a half of honshige (whole binding).

Contents: Shinobue
Soft Case (Option)
Material: Bamboo
Binding: Tou (Rattan)
Number of Finger Holes: 7 (Ryomaki)
6 (Hanshige)
Key: 3 hon choshi (G)
4 hon choshi (A flat)
5 hon choshi (A)
6 hon choshi (B flat)
7 hon choshi (B)
8 hon choshi (C)
9 hon choshi (D flat)
10 hon choshi (D)
11 hon choshi (E flat)
12 hon choshi (E)
Order Processing Time: About 30-90 Business Days

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