Smoke Bamboo Ryuteki

Excellent Smoke Bamboo Ryuteki

Susudake is a smoked bamboo that was exposed to the smoke from fire place (irori) in the middle of the living room floor for a long time and soaked with resin and oil of soot (susu). The bamboo of susudake is from a garret and the ceilingof old house with a thatched roof. The characteristic of susudake is its beautiful color contrast. Susudake has color shades like dark brown and reddish yellow. The color change depend on exposure of smoke. It is said that ryuteki made from susudake has the best tension and luster of the sound. The birch binding is a top quality binding. The birch binding prevents break of ryuteki because the birch has resistance to humidity. In addition, the birch has beautiful appearance. The more you will use it, the more the appearance of it will be rich.

Material: Bamboo (Susudake)
Length: 39cm (About 15in)
Binding: Rattan
Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days


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