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Soprano Kocarina (C)

Most Popular Kocarina tuned in C

In 1995, Japanese musician, Kurotaro Kurosaka introduced this instrument sold at street stall in Hungary and named it as Kocarina. He improve the original instrument. In 1998, many children play the kocarina, which made from the tree cut down to construct the street for the Nagano Winter Olympic games held in Japan. It is easy to play and doesn't require much time to play easy pieces. Unlike other flutes which have open pipe, kocarina has closed pipe. Due to this structure, sound produced is soft, natural and relaxing that reminds us of the woods. It is said that the kocarina is the best instruments to express the warmness of the wood as if the fairy of the tree sings a song.

Kocarina's Sound

Soprano kocarina is the most popular kocarina tuned in C. It sounds 1 octave from C to higher D (to play well, it sounds B to higher D#). So it is small (8cm in length and 2.6cm in thickness) and a string to wear it around the neck, it can be carryied anywhere you go.

Contents: Soprano Kocarina
Soft Case (Customer Cannot Choose Design and Color)
Fingering Chart
Material: Natural Wood (Walnut and Cherry)
Key: C
Order Processing Time: About 7-30 Business Days

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