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Square Stand

Popular Compact Taiko Stand

Easy to use taiko stand. It can be used for two different sized taiko. For example, square stand for 1.3-1.4 shaku can be used for both 1.3 shaku and 1.4 shaku nagado daiko by putting it upside down.4 wheels are sold separately (put them by yourself).

  • For Beta Uchi (Upright Playing Style)
  • Popular
  • Hard & Durable
  • Compact
  • Easy to Carry
  • Simple Shape
  • Made of Buna (Beech)
  • Wheels are Available (Option)
  • Taiko is Sold Separately
  • Product Image: Square Stand for 1.5 shaku & 1.5 shaku Nagado Daiko & 175cm Tall Man
  • Order Processing Time: About 2-60 Business Days


  • For 1.3-1.4 shaku: Dimensions: A: 5.5cm (About 2in) / B: 39.5cm (About 16in) / Weight: About 2.5kg (About 6lb)
  • For 1.5-1.6 shaku: Dimensions: A: 6cm (About 2in) / B: 45cm (About 18in) / Weight: About 2.6kg (About 6lb)

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • If using the optional wheels with this stand, what is the difference (if any) of the standing height of the drum compared to the same sized drum sitting on the Cross Stand?

    It depends on where you attach the wheel. Wheel's height is just 4.5cm and stand's height is 5.5-6cm. So, total height is about 10cm. Not so big difference but the height of the cross stand would be a little higher than square stand with wheels.