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Oke Strap Stand

Stylish Okedo Daiko Stand

  • Stylish Looks
  • Hard & Durable
  • Compact
  • Easy to Carry
  • Enhances Sound of Okedo Daiko
  • Suspending Taiko on Leather Belts
  • Adjustable Height with Belts
  • Made of Buna (Beech)
  • Taiko is Sold Separately
  • Product Image: Oke Strap Stand for 1.9-2 shaku & 2 shaku Okedo Daiko & 175cm Tall Man
  • Order Processing Time (For 1.3-1.4 shaku and For 1.5-1.6 shaku): About 2-60 Business Days
  • Order Processing Time (For 1.7-1.8 shaku and For 1.9-2 shaku): About 60-90 Business Days


  • For 1.3-1.4 shaku: Dimensions: A: 59cm (About 23in) / B: 45cm (About 18in) / C: 74cm (About 29in) / Weight: About 6.6kg (About 15lb)
  • For 1.5-1.6 shaku: Dimensions: A: 59cm (About 23in) / B: 48cm (About 19in) / C: 74cm (About 29in) / Weight: About 6.8kg (About 15lb)

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Type: Taiko

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Ask a Question
  • Can I use this strap stand for my Katsugi? Could I use the Cross Stand?

    Yes. But we don't recommend this for katsugi oke. Please note that okedo daiko and katsugi oke daiko (katsugi okedo) are different taiko made of different materials. So katsugi oke daiko has thinner heads than okedo daiko, it's not recommended to play like okedo daiko and nagado daiko. Otherwise, easily makes a hole on the heads. 

    Katsugi oke daiko:

    Okedo daiko: