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Tsugaru Shamisen Special Set

Perfect Sets of Tsugaru Jamisen. Choose Best One According to Your Level.

Shamisen is one of the essential instruments in Japanese traditional music. The history of shamisen can go back to Muromachi period (AD1336-1573). It was originally Chinese instrument called sanxian, and then, sanxian was introduced to Okinawa and changed into sanshin. The beginning of shamisen is when a sailor brought sanshin back to Osaka for a lute priest. Shamisen has been used in many Japanese music so far. It has three strings as its name suggests (sanxian, sanshin, shamisen mean three strings. the word of san means three).Though there are various types of shamisen, tsugaru shamisen (tsugaru-jamisen) is one of the famous types of shamisen. It plays faster rhythms than other types of shamisen and has more percussion-like playing styles. It is played as both solo-instrument and accompaniment for fork song.

  • Length: About 101cm (About 40in)
  • Weight: About 2.7kg (5.9lb)
  • First String and Second String: Silk
  • Third String: Nylon
  • Order Processing Time: About 7-60 Business Days


Main Unit: Karin (Chinese Quince), Nobezao Type, without Azuma Sawari / Kamigoma (Top Bridge) / Tenjinbukuro (Case for Tenjin Head) / Neo (Knot Holding Strings) / Frets Sticker / Itomaki (Peg): Kokutan (Ebony) /  Ito (Strings): Silk (First & Second), Nylon (Third) , Kawa (Skin): Synthetic Leather


101cm (About 40in)


Dougake (Slip-Guard) / Dougakehimo (Strings for Slip-Guard) / Bachi (Plectrum Made of Resin) / Yubikake (Band Cloth for Thumb and Index Finger) / Harigomu (Sticky Slip-Guard Rubber) / Koma (Bridge Made of Plastic) / Komaire (Case for Bridge) / Replacement String (Third String Made of Nylon) / Handbook (Written in Japanese)

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Ask a Question
  • diffrences between special and beginner set?

    Shamisen of the special set doesn't have azuma sawari part, which mekes the shamisen sounds better. Beginner set one and other usual shamisen has this part.