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      News — Case

      Featured Product of the Week (Feb.4-Feb.10)

      Featured Product of the Week (Feb.4-Feb.10)

      Nagado Soft Carrying Case

      Durable soft carrying case for nagado daiko. It wraps the nagado daiko firmly with 3x belts and buckles (more durable than zip fastener). With four handles, it's easy to carry by two people. In addition,  It prevents taiko from getting wet so it's made of the water-repellent nylon,

      Autumn Sale 2018 The Second

      Autumn Sale 2018 The Second

      From November 1st, we addsome items into the Autumn Sale 2018.

      1. Advance Purchase Discount (Nagado Daiko Smile)


      2. Taiko Case


      3. Taiko Parts


      4. New Products


      5. Pick Up


      The autumn sale 2018 will finish in the end of November.

      We look forward to your order.

      Thank you for your continuous support.