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      News — Eisa

      (1-week Limited Time Offer) Buy Eisa Odaiko, Get Free Mosu Nuno

      (1-week Limited Time Offer) Buy Eisa Odaiko, Get Free Mosu Nuno

      First limited-time offer is EISA ODAIKO! 

      Eisa odaiko is one of the drums used for Eisa performance in Okinawa. Eisa odaiko is played by hanging it from player's shoulder with mosu nuno sash. 

      Between July 4 to 10, we will offer a coupon for a free mosu nuno with purchase a eisa odaiko. Please add "Eisa Odaiko" and "Mosu Nuno" into the cart and enter the following coupon code at check-out (the discount is applied after entering the coupon code). 

      Coupon Code: FREEMOSU

      If you are interested in purchasing eisa odaiko, please take advantage of this campaign! 

      Eisa Odaiko (product page)

      Mosu Nuno (product page)

      Eisa Odaiko with Mosu Nuno

      Winter Sale 2017

      Winter Sale 2017

      We Wish You A Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

      Before Xmas and New Year, we start a WINTER SALE in December & January. You can purchase our items at special VALUE!  

      Sale Items are

      Sale will end on the January 31. Please note that it takes a few weeks or a few months depending on the item. To know the estimated shipping date, please refer to the order processing time at each product page. It may still be in time as a gift for Xmas. 

      Xmas Santa Gift

      Today's Taiko Center (Nov. 24, 2017)

      Today's Taiko Center (Nov. 24, 2017)

      A Part of Today's Shipping

      Eisa Odaiko
      (A Black Eisa Odaiko)

      Though red eisa odaiko is the most popular, black one looks cool. 


      Sho Heater

       This is not musical instrument but essential item for an instrument called sho. 


      Sho is one of the wind instruments used in gagaku. To play it, the vapor in the breath is condensed inside sho, and it damages sho. Heater is used to prevent from condensation. 


      We sell various Japanese musical instruments other than taiko such as eisa and gagaku as noted above. If you are interested in other Japanese musical instruments and performing arts, please visit our online shop to inquire. 

      Autumn Sale 2017

      Autumn Sale 2017

      In Japan, autumn is the best season for arts and entertainment...

      We are excited to announce that our autumn sale has started! Now, we offer you a lot of taiko & taiko equipments at special value.

      Imagine that you will enjoy the amazing arts of the traditional Japanese instruments in this beautiful season. The number of the item is limited. So, hurry!  

      Autumn sale will start on September 5th and end on October 15th. Enjoy this precious 40-days sale!
      Thank you. 

       Sale Shinobue Player

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      Best Buy


      Nagado Daiko

      Hirado Daiko

      Shime Daiko


      Taiko Case

      Taiko Stand




      Bachi Case







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