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      News — Costume

      Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE! (November 29 to December 5)

      Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE! (November 29 to December 5)

      Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale will start from November 29. 

      In this sale, "ALL" Japanese costumes in "Costumes Collection" will be 5% off by using a coupon. In addition, 5,000JPY will be discounted with purchase more than 100,000 JPY!

      Coupon Code: CYBER

      *Please enter the coupon code above at check-out page. 
      *This code is available between December 2 and 5.


      If you are interested in purchasing taiko costumes such as tabi and happi in bulk, please take advantage of this! 

      It will end on December 5. Hurry!

      Tattsuke Bakama

      Tattsuke Bakama

      Tattsuke bakama is one of the traditional Japanese bottoms. It looks cool and strong to play the taiko (especially, odaiko) on them.

      Also, they've called Iga bakama because they are so easy to move that Iga ninja (ninja of Iga school) has worn them.

      Tattsuke Bakama


      We have Sarashi and Muneate, too.


      Sarashi Wrap