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      News — Valentine's Day

      February 14 Is The Valentine's Day

      February 14 Is The Valentine's Day

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

      As well as Halloween and Christmas, Japanese people celebrate and enjoy Valentine's day. Let me introduce Japanese style Valentine's day. 

      Making Chocolate

      [Female Gives Male Chocolate & Love]

      In Japanese style Valentine's day, female gives a chocolate to male with her love. Some women tell her love to their loved men to become a couple. It's called "本命チョコ Honmei Choko (true feeling chocolate)". 

      [Various Types & Meaning of Chocolate]

      There are various meaning of  chocolate. In Japanese style Valentine's day, female gives chocolates to her male co-worker, classmate, and family (father and brother), too. It's not for love but for thanks. It's called "義理チョコ Giri Choko (obligation chocolate)". In this custom, even unpopular male can get chocolates from female. Lately, woman enjoys giving chocolate to her friends each other. It's called "友チョコ Tomo Choko (friendship chocolate)". 

      [Latest Japanese Style Valentine's Day]

      Influenced by change of the social environment and common view, Valentine's day in Japan keeps on evolving. Let's have a look new types of chocolate. First, "世話チョコ Sewa Choco (thanks to kindness chocolate)" is a kind of the giri choko that doesn't include any meaning of love. Female gives kind people around her to say thank you. Next, "逆チョコ Gyaku Choco (male chocolate)" is a chocolate that male gives female. Although this style is popular in other countries like United States, it's rare in Japan yet. Finally, "自分チョコ Jibun Choco (treat myself chocolate)" is a chocolate that person gives chocolate to treat him/herself. 


      How was the Japanese Valentine's Day? It looks far from original meaning of the Valentine's day... But, it's wonderful custom to give gifts to familiar people to say thanks, isn't it? 

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       Thank you for reading to this to the end.