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      Shop Redesigned

      Shop Redesigned

      Celebrating the 1st anniversary, we redesigned our online shop.

      The new online shop has not only the new design but also the new functions. Let's see the new features of it.

      1. Shipping Rates Calculator

        No need to write the full address to calculate the shipping rate anymore. Just selecting your country and inputing zip/postal code, you can see the estimated shipping rates and shipping option. 

      2. Image Zoom

        It's wonderful to purchase online as if you shop at the real store, is it? We wanted our customers to know our products in more detail and satisfy their shopping. You can see the enlarged image  of the products by mouse-over. Although it's not available for some products without high resolution image yet, we will replace the old image with the high resolution photo later on. Please wait.. 

      3. Color Switcher

        There are some items that have color variations like happi coat. To compare the colors and patterns, hover the mouse over the color switcher. You can see the color variations easily by switching the image. 

      4. Tag / Collection List

        To see more items quickly, the tag / collection links are listed on the left of the page. In addition, the related items are shown on the product page. Clicking the arrow on the product page, you can go to the next / previous page in the collection. They would make you see more items easily and quickly. 


      Thank you for reading this to the end. We look forward to your order!

      New Review System

      New Review System

      Review our products with the text and image!

      Our new review system lists up your customer reviews neatly and enables customers to post product photo. We look forward to your text and photo (of course, we are happy to receive reviews without photo, too).


      New Search System

      New Search System

      Did you notice that we incorporated the new search system?

      We sell more than 700 products on this store, but now, you can find find them more easily and quickly. The search bar is on the top right corner (desktop) or on the top left corner (mobile), 

       The following videos are how it works on desktop and mobile. 






      If you want to see all our products, just visit all products page. 

      Thank you.