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      News — Shinobue

      (30% OFF) (Limited Number) Shinobue Furyu

      (30% OFF) (Limited Number) Shinobue Furyu

      Shinobue Furyu is the most popular shinobue flute, which is sold over 100,000 pcs since it has been released. 

      So we remodeled this shinobue and released new model in last year, we will discontinue the conventional shinobue furyu. 

      The most popular key (#8 hon choshi) (C) and #6 (B Flat) were already sold out. 

      But, #7 (B) is still available. 


      It's 30% off now. (Sale Price: ¥3,850JPY Regular Price: ¥5,500JPY)

      The number of remaining items is not many. Please get this popular shinobue flute at reasonable price now. 

      Shinobue Furyu

      (New Item) Shinobue Rippei Tamaki (Eco-Friendly & Entry Model Shinobue)

      (New Item) Shinobue Rippei Tamaki (Eco-Friendly & Entry Model Shinobue)

      Reasonable Student Shinobue Flute is released by Popular Shinobue Brand, Shinobue Rippei. 

      It's ecological because it's made of new material (mixed glass fiber and bamboo scrap, which is originally discarded a lot for conventional shinobue making process). 

      Tuned in A=442hz. 6 hon choshi (Tuned in B Flat) and 8 hon choshi (Tuned in C) are available. 

      Shinobue Rippei Tamaki (Eco-Friendly & Entry Model Shinobue)

      New Shinobue Furyu-8 is temporally out of stock

      New Shinobue Furyu-8 is temporally out of stock

      Since we released New Shinobue Furyu series in October 2020, it's been sold well in Japan and from many countries. 

      Unfortunately, the most popular key #8 hon choshi (C) is unavailable until the end of January 2021 because it's been sold than we expected.

      *Please be assured that other key #3 hon choshi (G), #6 hon choshi (B flat), and #7 hon choshi (B) are still available. 

      New Shinobue Furyu

      We will restock it in the end of January 2021. If you can wait until then, please place an order it. Thank you.

      (New Item) New Shinobue Furyu

      (New Item) New Shinobue Furyu

      "Shinobue Furyu" is the most popular shinobue (bamboo flute) series and has been sold more than 100,000 pieces since it was released 15 years ago.

      We redesign it and finally release it as the next standard of the reasonable Japanese bamboo flute for beginners.

      New key of #3 hon choshi (G) is available as well as #6 (B flat), #7 (B), and #8 (C).

      New Shinobue Furyu

      #8 (C)

      #7 (B)

      #6 (B flat)

      #3 (G)