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      News — Parts

      Featured Product of the Week (Mar.11-Mar.17)

      Featured Product of the Week (Mar.11-Mar.17)

      New Katsugi Oke Rope

      How about changing the color of your katsugi oke daiko in this spring? We have 9 color variations. Put new color and fresh air into your taiko performance.


      Featured Product of the Week (Nov. 19-25)

      Taiko Kan Handle and Kanza Plate

      Nagado Gaoh Handle Set

      A luxurious set of handles and plates hand-crafted by artisan. It is beautifully decorative and looks very attaractive. Taiko Center uses these handles and plates with the excellent nagado daiko gaoh, which is made of the excellent Japanese zelkova wood. If you plan to make the taiko by yourself and make it look cool, these handles and stands are highly recommended.

      Autumn Sale 2018 The Second

      Autumn Sale 2018 The Second

      From November 1st, we addsome items into the Autumn Sale 2018.

      1. Advance Purchase Discount (Nagado Daiko Smile)


      2. Taiko Case


      3. Taiko Parts


      4. New Products


      5. Pick Up


      The autumn sale 2018 will finish in the end of November.

      We look forward to your order.

      Thank you for your continuous support.

      Autumn Sale 2017

      Autumn Sale 2017

      In Japan, autumn is the best season for arts and entertainment...

      We are excited to announce that our autumn sale has started! Now, we offer you a lot of taiko & taiko equipments at special value.

      Imagine that you will enjoy the amazing arts of the traditional Japanese instruments in this beautiful season. The number of the item is limited. So, hurry!  

      Autumn sale will start on September 5th and end on October 15th. Enjoy this precious 40-days sale!
      Thank you. 

       Sale Shinobue Player

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      Best Buy


      Nagado Daiko

      Hirado Daiko

      Shime Daiko


      Taiko Case

      Taiko Stand




      Bachi Case







      Taiko Parts