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      News — Free Shipping

      First Dream Of 2018

      First Dream Of 2018


      Happy New Year !!


      Have you already had the first dream in 2018?

      As one of the Japanese customs, it's said that the first dream of the year tells people's fortune. 

      We call the first dream "hatsu yume". 

       Hatsuyume First Dream

      In this custom, you will get good fortune if you have a dream of either of Mt. Fuji, hawk, and eggplant. We say ichi Fuji, ni taka, san nasubi (1 Mt.Fuji, 2 hawk, 3 eggplant). 


       If you haven't had any good fortune dream in this year, don't worry, we offer you a special coupon like a dream. 


      We offer Free Shipping
      (for the purchase over 200,000 JPY)

      Enter the coupon code and the free shipping will be applied. The details are noted below.

      Coupon code: FirstDream2018

      • Free shipping on entire order
      • Minimum purchase of ¥200,000
      • For all countries
      • Active from Jan 1, 2018 to Jan 31, 2018
      • For some countries and some products, this coupon is not applied
      • Shipping option is EMS (DHL is used if it's cheaper than EMS)

      Take some products for example, you can use this coupon for...

      [Free Shipping]

      Nagado Daiko Neo

      [Free Shipping] 

      Nagado Daiko Kizuna

      [Free Shipping] 

      Nagado Daiko Intsia

      [Free Shipping] 

      1.4 Shaku Kurinuki Nagado Daiko Keyaki (Second Quality)

      [Free Shipping] 

      1.5 Shaku Kurinuki Nagado Daiko Keyaki

      [Free Shipping] 

      1.5 Shaku Kurinuki Nagado Daiko Sen


      [Free Shipping] 

      Best Quality Bolt Jime Shime Daiko (4 cho-gake and 5 cho-gake)


      Have wonderful dreams and a happy new year!

      Also, we have winter sale 2018 by January 31. You can purchase tabi, happi, shinobue, and eisa products at sale price. Please take advantage of this!

      Check >>>Winter Sale 2018