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Today's Taiko Center (Nov. 24, 2017)

November 24, 2017

Today's Taiko Center (Nov. 24, 2017)

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Eisa Odaiko
(A Black Eisa Odaiko)

Though red eisa odaiko is the most popular, black one looks cool. 


Sho Heater

 This is not musical instrument but essential item for an instrument called sho. 


Sho is one of the wind instruments used in gagaku. To play it, the vapor in the breath is condensed inside sho, and it damages sho. Heater is used to prevent from condensation. 


We sell various Japanese musical instruments other than taiko such as eisa and gagaku as noted above. If you are interested in other Japanese musical instruments and performing arts, please visit our online shop to inquire. 

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