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      News — Featured Product of the Week

      Featured Product of the Week (Nov. 19-25)

      Taiko Kan Handle and Kanza Plate

      Nagado Gaoh Handle Set

      A luxurious set of handles and plates hand-crafted by artisan. It is beautifully decorative and looks very attaractive. Taiko Center uses these handles and plates with the excellent nagado daiko gaoh, which is made of the excellent Japanese zelkova wood. If you plan to make the taiko by yourself and make it look cool, these handles and stands are highly recommended.

      Featured Product of the Week (Nov. 12-18)

      Shinobue Rakusui

      Shinobue Rakusui Tenchimaki (Colorful)

      Rakusui is a shinobue craftsman in Gunma, Japan and his shinobue has a high reputation for ease of playing. In addition, the beautifully crafted tenchimaki (binding on the both ends) is one of the most features of the shinobue rakusui. We are pleased to inform you that we've launched the new color of the shinobue rakusui from November, 2018. There are Japanese taste 5 colors option (Black / Dark Blue / Orange / Green / Purple). All colors match the bamboo color and add elegance into the shinobue. A shinobue case specially made for Shinobue Rakusui is available.


      Featured Product of the Week (Nov. 5-11)

      Featured Product of the Week (Nov. 5-11)

      Plastic Shakuhachi Yuu

      Shakuhachi Yuu is popular student shakuhachi flute made of plastic. Usually, bamboo shakuhachi costs more than 300,000JPY. But, this shakuhachi just costs 11,000 JPY and is highly recommended to beginners. Shakuhachi has a wide range of pitch (2-3 octaves). It produces natural and emotional sounds.


      Now, special set including the roll case is available, too.