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December 03, 2018

Shinobue Furyu

Shinobue Furyu

Shinobue furyu is taiko center original reasonable shinobue series for beginners. Why don't you start learning shinobue? Here are some benefits of playing shinobue.

1: Shinobue is melody instrument and the player can play popular pieces with it.

2: It's useful when it comes to performing something at the party and meeting.

3: It's good to play with taiko or solo during performance and set change.

4: It's good for health because it needs to move fingers and mouth.

5: It's portable (small and light) and the shipping cost isn't so high. 

It's the most popular shinobue series in Japan and has been sold more than 10,000 pieces from 2011. There are 3 different key options: 8 hon choshi (C), 7 hon choshi (B), and 6 hon choshi (B flat). 8 hon choshi (C) is recommended for beginners because the pitch starts from C and easy to play with western instruments. 7 hon choshi (B) and 6 hon choshi (B flat) are sometimes played in Japanese festivals and traditional performing arts.

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