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Today's Taiko Center (Nov. 8, 2017)

November 08, 2017

Today's Taiko Center (Nov. 8, 2017)

Shinobue flute crafted by Shinobue Rippei was arrived at Taiko Center! 

Shinobue Rippei is one of the most popular shinobue in our line-up. It's famous for the precise pitch tuning and beautiful look sophisticated by the modern taste and the craftsmanship. 

Rippei Shinobue
(Rippei Chabue Tenchimaki & Rippei Kaba Tenchimaki)

Chabue is a type of shinobue made of the artificially finished smoke bamboo. The smoke bamboo is said that the best material for the Japanese flute as known as susudake in Japanese. 

Kaba is a type of material for the binding around shinobue. It's made of cherry blossom's bark (birch) and often used for the expensive flute such as nohkan and ryuteki. 


Let's see chabue tenchimaki first (below pictures). 

It's beautiful with the contrast between the dark brown bamboo color and the gradually lightening up binding color. The color of the bamboo looks darker than before (*personal opinion) and the glossy surface is reflecting the light. It's so cool, isn't it? Rattan binding is simple and beautiful.  Also, the blow hole is so attractive that the player wants to play. 

 Rippei Chabue
(Rippei Chabue)

(Rippei Chabue)


Next, let's see kaba tenchimaki (below pictures). 

Kabamaki (birch binding) is rare with shinobue. It's solid and luxurious with the unique shape and color. Also, it has modarate weight even though it's smaller than a chabue shinobue compared at this time. The weight also adds the luxurious feeling into the shinobue. 

Shinobue Kaba Tenchimaki
(Rippei Kaba Tenchimaki)

Rippei Kaba Tenchimaki
(Rippei Kaba Tenchimaki)


Both shinobue is finished horikomi carving before wrapping with the binding. So, the binding is finished beautifully. 

 Shinobue Rippei Binding
(Rippei Curving & Binding)

Rippei Shinobue Binding
(Rattan Binding & Birch Binding)

Wholly, the beauty of the Rippei-kan (kan means tube and means the shinobue in shinobue world) stands out. Especially, the end part from the head to the blow hole is so sweet. 

You would love this admiring shinobue with the precise pitch. One of the tips to improve your shinobue skills is to touch and play it everyday. Because this shinobue is very beautiful, the user will love to keep playing it everyday. There is a happiness to have and see the favorite craft. 

Highly recommended to all level shinobue players including beginners. It's so popular that the present waiting time is about 2-3 months but it's worth waiting the time. 

Shinobue Rippei
(Beautiful Shinobue. You would like it.)

Shinobue Rippei - Taiko Center Online Shop

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