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Shop Renewal !!

April 29, 2017

Shop Renewal !!

Dear Taiko fans all over the world, 

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new online shop! 

Let me introduce some new features and how to use them. 

  1. Automated Shipping Calculation
  2. Currency Converter
  3. Wishlist
  4. Customer Reviews
  5. Bulk Order


 1. Automated Shipping Calculation

We set up the automated shipping cost calculation. You can know how much the shipping cost is without asking us.


First, add an item to the cart. Add to Cart


Then, proceed to the customer information page and the shipping method page. 

Shipping is calculated

In the example above, the shipping cost is calculated 1,700 JPY to ship one pair of kashi bachi to the address in United States by DHL. If it is acceptable for you please go on to the payment method page. 


Sometimes, the shipping cost is calculated incorrectly due to the cache issue. Please clear the cache of your web browser and click "Edit" on the right of the incorrect shipping method before you order. 


2. Currency Converter

You can know how much the price in your currency using the currency converter. The currencies available are USD, EUR, AUD, and SGD. Please note that alltransaction is handled in JPY.

Pick Currency

Currency Converted



3. Wishlist

You can add your favorite items into the wishlist. It allows you not only to keep the favorite items on the list but also to share your friends and other your devices. Just click the heart (love?) button. The number of being the favorite is displayed.

Add to wishlist


Added to wishlist


4. Customer Reviews

You can see and write a customer review for each product. 


First click "Write a review". 



Then, complete the review and click "Submit Review". 

Write a Review


Review is posted on the item page. If you want to delete it, please contact us. 

Review Post



5. Bulk Order

If you plan to purchase a lot of items at once, the bulk order is useful. First go to bulk order page.

Bulk Order Page

Input keywords and search the item. 

Bulk Order Search


Input the quantity and click "Update Cart". 

Update the Cart

Cart Updated


That's it!

Especially, we'd like you to write some reviews on our items. We have a lot of customers all over the world but we want to hear more feedback from them. Your detailed review helps other customers when they purchase.  

From Kyoto


We look forward to your order!!  

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